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Here is an update on my weight loss. I have lost 110 lbs. and plan to lose more in the next few months. I have gone a mostly raw plant-based lifestyle and love it! Tons of new super tasty food to enjoy! I lift weights 3 days a week and walk a mile a day 5 days a week. Or I just go backpacking in the high sierras! My cholesterol went from 366 to super healthy 112. Many other health problems all gone. No more meds. I feel way better and have tons of energy all day. It is so basic and simple!! I'll never go back to animal products!!

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My home video studio!See my new "Tonight Show" type video studio at my home here. I will be taping a new talk show in 1080P HD for my "YouTube" channel soon. We will be talking politics and much more! If anyone has ideas or want to be a guest to talk politics and much more, let me know. Thanks!
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I carved redwood signs for 30 years and traveled fairs. I caused a lot of people to do the same thing. There are now many sign carvers using basically the same system. In 1996, I started SierraNet, the first local number Internet Service Provider in Oakhurst, CA. I taught computer classes at Yosemite High School and started as a free service for the Sierra Star that same year. A few years later, I sold my ISP business to Sierra Telephone. Since the sale, I traveled a lot. In 2007, Scott Cockerham and I opened Oakhurst Computers in Oakhurst. I sold my half of of that business in 2010 and now travel and run my websites. Visit my: for more info and more photos!

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Blast from the past, me in the 80's working as a newscaster and voice-over for Channel 13 in Oakhurst:
Corky on Channel 13
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In Memory of Tim
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